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Date: 03/23/20 12:41
Lake Superior Railroad Museum
Author: gbmott

LSRM is located in the former NP depot in Duluth and like other museums in Minnesota is closed due to the coronavirus outbreak.  For the past week, however, they have been producing a daily program of 3-4 minutes that you can find on Youtube or Face Book, each focusing on a specific artifact or function.  It's an attempt to keep the museum in the public's eye even though closed.  I think you will enjoy them.


Date: 03/23/20 13:52
Re: Lake Superior Railroad Museum
Author: train671

This is a wonderful organization.  I had the opportunity to twice ride the Milwaukee
Road #261 up to this fine museum and recommend it to everyone. The Coronavirus
is a real set back BUT once it passes the Museum and the rest of us will be better
and stronger.

Date: 03/23/20 18:08
Re: Lake Superior Railroad Museum
Author: Tominde

I think this virus will be a game changer for America.  People will work differently, and communicate differenly.  We may also worship differently.  Museums may change the way they present material.

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