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Date: 04/03/20 08:03
Frisco Friday
Author: MaryMcPherson

Has it almost been thirty years?

Here's 1522 pulling her convention special during the 1990 NHRS convention from a slide in my collection; no photographer credit.

Mary McPherson
Dongola, IL
Diverging Clear Productions

Date: 04/03/20 11:28
Re: Frisco Friday
Author: krm152

Looks sharp!

Date: 04/03/20 13:21
Re: Frisco Friday
Author: UP951West

That was one amazing steam excursion. I never heard a louder steam locomotive . Frisco 1522 is one of the finest excursion steam locomotives restored. Thanks to those that restored it , operated it and the St. Louis NRHS for sponsoring those 1522 excursions over the years . --Kelly

Date: 04/03/20 21:50
Re: Frisco Friday
Author: Hillcrest

Oh my... The Hot Rod.

Cheers, Dave

Date: 04/04/20 19:15
Re: Frisco Friday
Author: Trainman41

You got some fantastic  "stack talk" out of # 1522.  When it had some tonnage on the draw bar, it really could  "Bark"

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