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Date: 04/06/20 18:08
Reading Crusader G-1sa
Author: RGTower

Technical question:

(1) Did Reading 4-6-2 class G-1sa streamliners #117 and #118 have drop couplers on the front end? When you look at pictures, there doesn’t appear to be an access door on the F end.

(2) If equipped with drop couplers, were they counter-balanced on the back of the drawbar to allow them to swing up into place without chains or jacks?


Date: 04/07/20 04:56
Re: Reading Crusader G-1sa
Author: wandle

According to photos and a blueprint that I have, the pilots of the Reading's two, streamlined 4-6-2s had horizontally swinging front couplers that could be swung back out of the way when not in use. Metal doors covered the coupler and open areas when the coupler was stowed-away. Be safe.
Misterwandle  (John B. Corns)

Date: 04/07/20 07:43
Re: drop couplers
Author: timz

So on other engines where the coupler did swing around a horizontal axis, was it balanced?

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