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Steam & Excursion > 614 21st Century Ltd Run By -1992

Date: 05/17/20 19:31
614 21st Century Ltd Run By -1992
Author: scoopdejour

Dug through some of my old files (plenty more) too and wound up with these images I captured of the 21st Century Ltd. This was to be another of Ross's great steam excursions. Slated to run in the fashion of the American Freedom Train, it never did run due to details beyond anything Ross could control. Nevertheless he wanted Wes, myself, and a few other volunteers to "dress up" the Teen in blue and white livery. It was a full time schedule to redo the front end, clean the entire engine, mask and paint the white and blue scheme, then fire up 614 for the film action. The run by was filmed as a promo, as I recall, so I got my shot at the same time. Sadly, that was the end of it. This all was possible due to the cooperation of the B&O museum in Baltimore. 

One thing I respect about Ross, having had him as a friend for more than 50 years now, is he never quits!

Who knows what's next!!


Date: 05/18/20 01:58
Re: 614 21st Century Ltd Run By -1992
Author: ClubCar

Thanks for your photos.  I posted this photo on the Nostalgia & History site this past Saturday which shows the 614 after the plywood for the "21st Century, Ltd." was removed and the engine operated for the folks visiting the museum that following weekend.  Many folks were absolutely thrilled to see a main-line steam engine operating and as I stated on the other post, one could hear the whistle from 614 over a mile away down by the Inner Harbor Area in downtown Baltimore.
John in White Marsh, Maryland

Date: 05/18/20 02:02
Re: 614 21st Century Ltd Run By -1992
Author: wcamp1472

Inside Joke...

"I'll get the Gate..."


"Hey, Wes!  
Don't mess with that blow-down..." 

And a fireman's mashed finger...!?

WHAT ?? Almost 30 years ago?
Time really flies...
We said at the time....With a centered headlight....looks like a "Nickel Plate Northern"

Great memories..


Date: 05/18/20 05:15
Re: 614 21st Century Ltd Run By -1992
Author: scoopdejour


Great memories indeed brother!


Date: 05/18/20 11:47
Re: 614 21st Century Ltd Run By -1992
Author: Phil

I like that centered headlight. 

Date: 05/18/20 13:27
Re: 614 21st Century Ltd Run By -1992
Author: nycman

So do I--she looks much better with it centered.  My opinion, others may vary.

Date: 05/18/20 14:02
Re: 614 21st Century Ltd Run By -1992
Author: Mgoldman

Why didn't anyone call me with a heads up in 1992, lol.

Amazing - and "ouch" at the same time regarding the looks.

Oh, well - "Hope springs eternal"!


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