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Date: 06/24/20 18:30
Yo Don! SLSF 1522
Author: Bob3985

Here is a photo I took in 1990 in St. Louis at the National Railway Historical Society Annual Convention.
Trains magazine had requested a photo shoot of the 4 steam locomotives coming to the convention to run excursions.
So the UP worked with them and set up a gathering at their Ewing Avenue Yard.
SLSF was the first loco there followed by Lynn and I arriving with the 844. That is the late Lynn Nystrom firing the 844.
So while we were waiting for Bob Saxton on the NW 1218 to arrive and park in between us I slipped up front and grabbed a photo.
Since that time I have had a few guys from the 1522 fire for me on some of our trips with 3985. A great bunch of guys.
Oh and the SSW 819 didn't arrive in time for the photo.

Bob Krieger
Cheyenne, WY

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