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Steam & Excursion > A steam weekend that can no longer be duplicated (part 1)

Date: 06/24/20 22:19
A steam weekend that can no longer be duplicated (part 1)
Author: cc51

  Pacific Locomotive Association's Labor Day Weekend 1971 Steam Spectacular! Arguably the best of PLA's numerous excursions was this one. It involved steam runs on three different railroads in California's Tuolumne County. They were the Sierra Railroad, the West Side & Cherry Valley and the Sugar Pine Railway (ex-Pickering Lumber Co.) The Sierra and West Side ran for 1 day each, while the Sugar Pine ran all three days.This provided a chance for enthusiasts to experience the three uniquely different lines and all behind steam. Much of the credit for putting this enormous event together should go to the late Henry Luna, PLA's Field Director (RIP Henry). This had to be the crowning achievement to his long time service as our field director. Many other PLA members and "civilian" volunteers also helped out with various aspects of the operations.  (cont. to Part 2)

Date: 06/24/20 22:46
A steam weekend that can no longer be duplicated (part 2)
Author: cc51

     While the Sierra and West Side were ongoing commercial enterprises, the Sugar Pine Railway was uniquely PLA with members rehabilitating the railroad, passenger equipment, and Shay #7. It was an all PLA crew from their Castro Point Railway operation that served as engine crew ( Karl Koenig,engineer and Pete Rogers, fireman, both RIP) and the train crew (Joe Ward, conducter and Tom Moungovan along with Chris Collins as brakemen). We all worked on every train for three days. Credit must be given to Karl Koenig and Bob Hogan, who negotiated with Fibreboard (Pickering) to set up the Sugar Pine operations.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Sadly, this group of steam trips can no longer happen in Tuolumne County as the Sugar Pine and West Side are gone. The Sierra runs limited trips (mileage ) out of Jamestown as part of the state's "Railtown" entity. Enjoy the brochue and if anyone has photos of that weekend by all means add them to this post--Chris Collins 

Date: 06/26/20 09:49
Re: A steam weekend that can no longer be duplicated (part 2)
Author: DGS

Chris, that was indeed a memorable weekend.

Photo 1: The Sierra tripleheader at Jamestown.
Photo 2: The Sugar Pine Railway, running around the train at Long Siding. Tom Moungovan on the front footboard, Chris Collins on the rear.
Photo 3: The West Side and Cherry Railway. In addition to the advertised evening dinner and train trip the Cottle family, operators of the WS&CV, also operated a log train free of charge for all to photograph. It is shown here at the mill yard in Tuolumne.

Dave Sell

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