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Steam & Excursion > Builder photo of Gilpin Tram #4 in difference to later #5

Date: 07/31/20 06:54
Builder photo of Gilpin Tram #4 in difference to later #5
Author: PlyWoody

In follow up to the wonderful post yesterday by LoggerHogger of Gilpin RR Shay abandoned in the Morse Brother's Machinery yard in Denver I have found the different in the identical Shay #G4T and Shay G5T to actually be the location of the builder plate.  Martin detailed the plate was put on upside down and is higher than the horizontal center line on the smoke box.  The lower two photos of Gilpin RR Number 5 show the builder plate at the center line of the horizontal of the smoke box.  The locomotive left in the scrap yard in the 1938 photo was the Shay #4, Lima #594 that was built Jan 27, 1900.  Number 5 was built March 1902 as Lima #696.
It was still there in June 1939 per photo in the Denver Public Library collection.  Note fine post of yesterday by LoggerHogger.

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