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Date: 09/11/20 15:21
Steam Into Victory at Age of Steam Roundhouse
Author: OHCR1551

Sorry, I forgot to post this earlier. Fortunately, Twitter doesn't disappear.

This weekend, since there can't be a full reenactors' event, AOSR (@AoSRoundhouse) is tweeting World War II clips, exhibits and other related items. They're also honoring the men killed in the West Lafayette troop train crash that happened this date in 1950 and those who died on 9/11. (Felix the Roundhouse Cat appearances not guaranteed.) Their most recent clip was Bob Hope performing for the USO. 

If you've never been to the Roundhouse, put it on your bucket list. Tours have been taking place this summer. You MUST schedule ahead of time, not just show up. It's an astonishing place. As a general rule, giant period-correct roundhouses do not pop out of Ohio farm fields in the twenty-first century, except for this one, which is full of steam engines and their shop forces. For those bringing families, there are so many family-friendly Amish attractions nearby that I'm not even going to try to count them. Do yourself a favor and go to Warther Carvings to see the history of steam engines if you get a chance. David Warther Carvings has the history of sailing ships and is also thoroughly worthwhile. 

I'd add that if you use mobility aids, there are benches all around for sitting during presentations, but a Rollator or UpWalker guarantees you'll have a place to sit and will roll all around the walkways, the only potential hitch being getting across a short gravel stretch from the gift shop. (Even there, you'll be offered help.) 

Rebecca Morgan
Jacobsburg, OH

Date: 09/11/20 20:27
Re: Steam Into Victory at Age of Steam Roundhouse
Author: ts1457

I did not know about the troop train wreck so I had to research it. Very sad.


Date: 09/16/20 20:22
Re: Steam Into Victory at Age of Steam Roundhouse
Author: E25

Here is a link to the story...


Greg Stadter
Phoenix, AZ

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