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Date: 10/12/20 16:47
EBT on my mind.
Author: ChooChooDennis

The East Broad Top Railroad has been on my mind a lot lately as I know with many of you as well. I think this is so because what is happening on the EBT is a bright light in this year of so much darkness. Here is a shot I like (I hope that you do too) that mixes light and dark I think in a good way. For me, this image encapsulates the wonder, the beauty, and the incredible importance this unique railroad has for us, for the working man, and for the USA.

Dennis Livesey
New York, NY

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Date: 10/12/20 16:49
Re: EBT on my mind.
Author: lowwater



Date: 10/12/20 17:12
Re: EBT on my mind.
Author: Tominde

Nice.  Perhaps another year to repeat it?

Date: 10/12/20 23:24
Re: EBT on my mind.
Author: RRBaron

Thank god that the EBT was saved!

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