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Date: 10/14/20 06:23
Red River & Gulf Railroad Update
Author: Jason-Rose

Here are a few updates on the Red River & Gulf Railroad in Long Leaf, Louisiana. 

Damage and clean-up from Hurricanes Laura and Delta:

It's been a busy year and we accomplished quite a bit, despite everything else going on in the world.
Recent Work Session Reports:

And most importantly, we are producing a series of videos to share the history of Long Leaf and its railroads. I attached the latest video to this post, but most are too long for Train Orders. You can see them all here:

There are three remaining Work Sessions before Christmas. There is much to do and we could use some help. Please consider making the last quarter of 2020 better than the first 3. Come out, have some fun, and make a meaningful contribution.

Contact us: WorkSession@RedRiverAndGulf.net

Jason Rose
Spring, TX
Rio Grande Explorations

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Date: 10/14/20 10:51
Re: Red River & Gulf Railroad Update
Author: elueck

In the second photo from the rail car, you can see the red stop sign in the track.  Just beyond that stop sign we have a collapsed or rotted out culvert on the main line at the bottom of about a 15 foot fill.  The more than 27 inches of rain that we have received from Laura (3 inches in 3 hours), Beta (8 inches in 4 hours) and Delta (16 inches in 6 hours) have totally undermined the fill to the point that it will either have to be dug out down to the culvert and the culvert replaced or the fill dug out to the point where we can bridge it with a properly supported bridge.  This washout isolates much equipment and over half of the remaining original Red River and Gulf main line.    There are some photos on the RR&G site that show what we are facing.

We are working on plans for repair, but funds will be necessary for  lease of heavy equipment and or the loan of a high rail track hoe to accomplish this effort.  As soon as power and phone service are restored to the museum office, we will gratefully accept donations via our website www.forestheritagemuseum.org.

If you are aware of where we can obtain the load of a high rail track hoe or back hoe, in the Louisiana - Texas area, that knowledge will also be much appreciated.

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