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Date: 11/15/20 23:17
CN 4-8-4 6167 moved to new home by truck
Author: Finderskeepers

Famed 1960s excursion engine CN 6167 has been successfully moved to a new home 2 blocks away from her old home. The engine sat facing the CN/VIA station for many years (since being gifted to the city of Guelph in 1967). She underwent a multi year extensive cosmetic restoration which was quite thorough and well done. Due to expansion of a transportation hub, bus and commuter train service, she managed to find herself in the way. The city proposed two options, move her or scrap her (yes, seriously after being restored). Thankfully moving her was chosen, and she was picked up and moved down the street to her new resting place beside the ex CP tracks. There are apparently no plans to erect a pavilion for her to be sheltered under or even a fence around her. I have mixed feelings about all of this...the moving her away from her home rails, the lack of protection she will have with no fence, and being exposed to the elements after being so nicely restored. Kudos to the movers who moved her without incident to her new resting place, and to those who fought to keep her looking presentable.
more pictures of the move are seen here

Date: 11/16/20 02:46
Re: CN 4-8-4 6167 moved to new home by truck
Author: ClubCar

This should now be a project for the local NRHS or other rail non-profit group to get involved to work to fence in this engine, then continue to work long-term to put a roof over it.  Otherwise, it will deteriorate quickly from the weather and maybe from vandals.  I hope not.
John in White Marsh, Maryland

Date: 11/16/20 09:12
Re: CN 4-8-4 6167 moved to new home by truck
Author: tomstp

Beautiful engine, hope they do protect it.

Date: 11/16/20 19:23
Re: CN 4-8-4 6167 moved to new home by truck
Author: just4frost

You should have been there on the night of July 17, 1960 when 6167 made three runs at the Thorold Hill between Merriton and Ft Erie Ontario!. It was a still warm July evening when we were returning from Toronto to Ft Erie, running hours late on her second fantrip after being restored to service by Public Relations minded CNR. We had a heavy train, about fourteen cars, packed with fans, when we started up the severe grade that starts in Merriton and climbs the Niagara Escarpment to the crest at Thorold South, along the Welland Canal. On the first  attempt, a grade crossing speed restriction at the bottom of the hill was observed and we got about 2/3 of the way to the top, stalled and backed down into Merriton. For the second attempt,we  got more of a run on the hill, only exceeding the grade crossing speed restriction by few mph. We got a little further up the hill and again, stalled and backed down the hill all the way back through Merriton and got ready.  Pops were lifting and and the crowd in the open door baggage car was silent, fully aware of what was about to happen.  Apparently, the Road Foreman of Engines in the cab of 6167 had had enough of the speed restriction over that grade crossing at the bottom of the hill, and we went blasting through Merriton at at least 50 mph, slammed over the grade crossing and assaulted the Thorold Grade with thunderous exhaust that shook the ground and left us speechless, silently squeezing for our gal to make it to the top. Slower and slower we climbed until the exhausts steadied, sounding like artillery fire, and then we went over the top. Pops lifted whistle screaming and  and everyone cheered! Down to Ft Erie and home! What a great finale to a wonderful day!

So, the next time you see or hear of that cold and dead carcass that is today's 6167, think back to that night 60 years ag when she conquered Thorold Grade and told the world about it!

Date: 11/17/20 12:08
Re: CN 4-8-4 6167 moved to new home by truck
Author: rbenko

Cool story - thanks for sharing!

Date: 11/19/20 16:00
Re: CN 4-8-4 6167 moved to new home by truck
Author: SD45X

Neat story:)
never had a fence around it. They fenced the platform off instead...

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