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Date: 11/16/20 08:54
C&S 9 2-6-0 Farewell to Silver Plume, CO, 7 January 2009
Author: cozephyr

Colorado Historical Society moved former Colorado & Southern Railway #9, 2-6-0, from Silver Plume, Colorado, to John Braun's Mammoth Locomotive Works at Palisade, CO, in January 2009.  Believe this was to perform cosmetic work on #9 before it was moved to Breckenridge, CO, where it is displayed.  Photo taken 7 January 2009 at Silver Plune, CO.

The Ashby operation had much more freedom of operation management and an excellent set of equipment robust enough to operate that line with a good reliability record, and a good local support network.  Mr. Ashby's contract was not renewed by the Colorado Historical Society.

C&S 9 was stored unserviceable on site on a short spur - it was and is owned by Colorado Historical Society, owners of the railroad but not operators.  After CHS and GLRR Ashby did not reach agreement on renewing an operating agreement, CHS looked for a different contract operator.

Colorado Historical Society (CHS) contracted with Railstar, operators of a 2 foot gauge amusement line in new York State.  Railstar believed they had an acquisition agreement for a right-sized 3-foot gauge steam locomotive in New Jersey when they contracted with CHS.  That deal fell through, and the Oahu lightweight 2-6-2 was brought in to have some steam power to run the season, along with a 4-wheeled industrial centercab.

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Date: 11/16/20 09:08
History C&S 9 at Silver Plume, CO
Author: cozephyr

CHS always intended to "restore" C&S 9 at some point. CHS contracted with a shop at Strasburg, Colorado, experienced in live steamers to do the C&S 9 job. The results were not what one might have wished...especially insofar as the oil firing system and imported used appliances were concerned.  On it's inaugural exit under steam from the Silver Plume enginehouse - The fire went out on the way out, a safety valve jammed open...the air pump and governor only worked when they felt like it. Injectors? Let's not even go there.

Railstar did some additional work on 9 which left it in useable condition. 

C&S 9 and the little diesel covered the operation after the Oahu broke a driving axle which had been welded on by a midwestern shop in the past unbeknownst to anybody in Colorado. 

So, 9 was put to intensive use after nothing like the kind of restoration one would have wanted done before putting it into service - unquestionably it was well used before CHS acquired it in the first place. It's making it through as well as it did testifies to the in service care it got from Railstar during that period.

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Date: 11/16/20 09:32
C&S 9 at Breckenridge, CO, August 2019
Author: cozephyr

Breckenridge, Colorado, August 2019, displays Colorado & Southern #9 under a pavilion.

Date: 11/16/20 10:25
Re: C&S 9 at Breckenridge, CO, August 2019
Author: Ironman

Thanks for the photos and back story.  What does the tender in front of 9 belong to?


Date: 11/16/20 10:40
Re: C&S 9 at Breckenridge, CO, August 2019
Author: dan

a rotary plow

Date: 11/17/20 08:54
Re: C&S 9 at Breckenridge, CO, August 2019
Author: Frisco1522

Welded on a driving axle?  Holy crap!  Sounds like the poor thing was abused.

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