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Date: 01/09/21 10:26
C&O 1309
Author: Keystone1

So...when is the first test run up the hill, or an excursion?

Date: 01/09/21 10:46
Re: C&O 1309
Author: HotWater

Keystone1 Wrote:
> So...when is the first test run up the hill, or an
> excursion?

If they tell,,,,,,,,,they will have to kill you.

Date: 01/09/21 10:57
Re: C&O 1309
Author: jkh2cpu



Date: 01/09/21 12:29
Re: C&O 1309
Author: Mgoldman

Keystone1 Wrote:
> So...when is the first test run up the hill, or an
> excursion?

If I heard correctly, she's been Winterized for now,
with work on going.  The way information is being
shared these days - this might be your best bet to 
see her first test run up the hill:


Date: 01/09/21 13:52
Re: C&O 1309
Author: bigsavage


Date: 01/10/21 04:01
Re: C&O 1309
Author: PlyWoody

Account of the successful move under steam they received the "big" grant (unknown amount) that was offered to work over the track and adjust the sharp curve near Frostburg.  They will widen the gage on the 22.5 degree curve and may install guard rails but that is up to the engineering firm the County uses to do any engineering and track work.  They may be paid to do some simple survey, now.  Don't expect any test run until this track work is accomplished and that is after the ground thaws out to change ties.  Now they have to prepare the track for the engine.  The engineering firm has been asking for money for years but it now may be paid to do the job. The stoker still has to be installed in the locomotive and many other adjustments. Several of the volunteer are staying nearby and you may see some interest in starting the work on #734 as their is definite interest in having that as a back up engine for the #1309.   They believe the engine is only designed for 22 degree and no one can find the vertical curve limits the locomotive was designed to handle within the suspension system.  PRR used 1200' radius curve in design of humps track in class yards.  That would be a 5" deflection within the center of a 62 foot chord. We can only wait to see what happens. They still want contributions marked out for #1309 specifically.

Date: 01/10/21 08:35
Re: C&O 1309
Author: co614

Look guys ( and gals) let's not restart the nonsense of attempting to determine when this or that will take place with this extensive restoration. The WMSR team deserves lots of kudos ( including especially Jim Wrinn and Trains magazine) for getting this far. There's LOTS left to do before this machine is ready to deliver reliable service. By its very nature it is a complex locomotive ( in many ways really 2 engines in one) and will require lots of additional fitting up and test running on that very demanding railroad before it's ready to enter service.

  May I respectfully suggest that we all send in a donation if we can and not be constantly wasting their time with inquiries about when it will do this or that.

   I'm confident that the WMSR crew will keep us all informed when they're ready to announce next milestones.

   Happy New Year, Ross Rowland 

Date: 01/10/21 08:46
Re: C&O 1309
Author: Keystone1

Ross...how right you are.   I for one am going to send some of my Stumulous Money to the 1309 to stimulate the successful completion of the worlds largest operating Mallet.   

Date: 01/10/21 10:16
Re: C&O 1309
Author: wcamp1472

The test-out process takes a long time..
Itll be a couple of years before all the wearing-in parts 'mate to each other'

That process is advanced by a commensurate trailing-load and 
how well-matched the load is --- to the designed capabilities of the 
intended use the locomotive.

Slow speeds, piddling-ly small trains loads will take a much  longer time 
to 'break-in, compared to a couple of heavy trains --- in 'local' service.
( For a half dozen trips, or so.)

That's why in the days of steam power, locomotives were assigned to
medium-mass rains, in local service and closely monitored for a few trips...
before being put back to "regular service..".   ( Roundhouse Foremen 
were jealous of the reputations of the workers --- before giving the engines back to 
the regular crews....)

Rushed repair-jobs always reflected on the opinions ( system-wide) attached to 
the entire facility.  That's why Roanoke Shops, back in the day, was considered
a superlative  shop facility --- every worker and foreman took pride and care that
every loco that left  their shop was thoroughly tested and made ready...
Whether new construction, or recently worked- on.

As a loco mechanic, you are always waiting for your baby to get through 'teething-problems'
and you expect problems to suddenly surface..  

I'm glad  1309's  got Type A superheater units...  cold weather is a threat, even in  'heated environment'.
[ NKP 759 was stored in a heated environment at Rouses Point, NY ( D&H)  until Steamtown, Vt.
failed to pay the agreed-on storage fees---- then the ( un-drained) loco was dragged & stored ouside,
in 10-below-zero temperatures ( to free-up needed 'heated' house-space)....]!
It'll take a long time and many miles before 1309 becomes problem-free.
Don't get your knickers in a twist, during that testing process.

The thing that'll make the difference is how soon 1309 gets to wrestle with 
loads matching it's designed capacities...  weight, pressures, heat, distances and speeds.

Like 4014, it's doubtful it'll ever get to operate on superheated steam...
They're condemned to a life of being saturated, slobbering switch-engines.
( moosh, moosh, moosh--- toot toot ...), complete with dismal 'MU control boxes'
at the engineer's left knee...

And that dismal, right behind..."just in-case"....HA!
What B.S.!!


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Date: 01/10/21 12:20
Re: C&O 1309
Author: RailRat

"moosh,moosh-toot toot".LOL Wes!
Thanks for the much needed laugh!
(Laughing only at Wes's phrase here, not at the 4014 or 1309 team efforts and progress, for which I have all the respect and admiration they deserve)!!

Jim Baker
Riverside, CA

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