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Steam & Excursion > 3751 cab photos in 1991

Date: 01/10/21 06:04
3751 cab photos in 1991
Author: Spikes

The cab of ATSF 4-8-4 3751 in 1991 after the 5 year restoration at Fontana CA. (Merged images.) Nearly 30 years ago. 3751 has operated over 40 times. It is stationed at the Amtrak facility south of LA, owned by SBRHS, and supported by your donations at SBRHS.ORG. 

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Date: 01/10/21 07:20
Re: 3751 cab photos in 1991
Author: Frisco1522

3751 was at Topeka, KS and I snooped around in her cab.  I thought that the sheet metal jacketing was done beautifully and was perfect.  Whoever made it really knew what they were doing.

Date: 01/10/21 08:06
Re: 3751 cab photos in 1991
Author: Spikes

Wayne Tucker also fabricated sheet metal for aircraft before doing 3751. He did all of the boiler jacket details.

Date: 01/10/21 13:06
Re: 3751 cab photos in 1991
Author: Oski3751

I've always loved the attention to detail in restoring that cab - everything looks like it came out of the shop in the 1920s. Also appreciate that they kept the 6-ET brake stand.

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Date: 01/10/21 14:05
Re: 3751 cab photos in 1991
Author: gregscholl

I chased 3751 that year on the LA-Chicago deal.  I also took videos and set-up in Topeka at the Railroad days, since i was stuck there for 3 days.  3985 came in to the event, and they had both engines set-up with stairs for in-cab visits.  I met Wayne Tucker in the 3751 cab.  He had been a video customer of mine for years before 3751 rolled out so was nice to meet him and the gang.  Also got to see the UP boys there.  Guess I missed Don and any of the 1522 gang.
Guess events like this will be hard to replicate in the future, especially with these engines.

Date: 01/11/21 11:27
Re: 3751 cab photos in 1991
Author: masterphots

I remember someone at Fontana saying that Scott Britton,  who I think headed the restoration, was a fanatic for authenticity.  They told a story how he hunted all over until he found  bolts with the proper head for something or other in the cab.  Ditto the wood, etc.  Whether or not true,  the results were beautiful.

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