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Steam & Excursion > 3985 May 29 1983 Cheyenne

Date: 02/20/21 13:49
3985 May 29 1983 Cheyenne
Author: zoohogger

My first time to see 3985 was in 1983. We made a family trip to reletives in Boulder and I took off for Wyoming a few hours after dropping off the family.  Got to a motel in Cheyenne, paid $14 and slept till 4AM.
Wandered down to the shops. No one was around so I went in to the cab and looked around. In a while someone came in and lit a fire. I stayed a while, nothing was said.
Then I went back to the car and settled down and waited for the sun to rise. Took photos, made recordings out to Laramie and back then drove back to Boulder from Tie Siding in the afternoon. Tired, but it was a succesful day.
Rick z

Date: 02/20/21 16:43
Re: 3985 May 29 1983 Cheyenne
Author: Goalieman

I enjoyed you story and pics. Thanks for posting!

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Date: 02/20/21 19:08
Re: 3985 May 29 1983 Cheyenne
Author: ProAmtrak

Agreed, great pics, sad I only saw her twice, once in Sacramento during Railfair 99 and in LA a year later for the Democratic National Convention!

Date: 02/21/21 11:26
Re: 3985 May 29 1983 Cheyenne
Author: UP951West

Rick, that was a good story and I liked your photos .
Good thing we got out to enjoy UP 3985 when we did. I miss seeing her out on the mainline at 55 mph. --Kelly

Date: 02/22/21 06:18
Re: 3985 May 29 1983 Cheyenne
Author: Bob3985

Great photos Rick.
I enjoyed my time with 3985.

Bob Krieger
Cheyenne, WY

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