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Date: 04/03/21 09:54
The original
Author: tomstp

The first Texas & Pacific 2-10-4 shown in dallas with an east bound freight.  The engine was modified several times  and now with a 2nd angular sand dome above the firebox, disc main driver, light weight rods, counter balancing making the 63" drivers run smooth up to 70 mph.  A doghouse was added to the tender along with safety railings over the oil bunker.  It is already getting to the end of steam as a auxillary water (tank) car is trailing the tender due to several water tanks being retired along its route east.  But, it should also be noted they were added to trains to allow the engine to run a complete sub division point without stopping for water and delaying other trains.

The first 10 of the engines had Chambers throttles and kept them  (this did not allow for a flanged smoke stack)  to the end despite the other 60 having American Multiple throttles and flanged stacks..

I believer the 2nd shot is between dallas and Ft Worth.

Date: 04/03/21 10:24
Re: The original
Author: krm152

Two awsome photos.  The T&P 2-10-4's were great.
Thanks for the great posting.

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