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Date: 04/05/21 04:04
This Clearly Will Be The Very Last Movement For This Locomotive!
Author: LoggerHogger

The year is 1941 and in the California-Western Railroad yards in Ft. Bragg, California the crew of one of that lines Baldwin 2-6-2T's in moving the hulk of that railroad's 4-6-0 #38 for what will surely be her last trip.  The shop forces have already stripped off any potentially useful parts from the ancient 4-6-0.

It is quite sad that this locomotive was not saved.  By 1941 she was already 74 years old.  She was first built by McK&A in 1867 for the Central Pacific Railroad where she was there #39.  When she was 43 years old she was sold to the California-Western in 1910 where she was originally give the #8 and the in later years renumbered to #38.

In April, 1938 during the famous railfan excursion that came through Ft. Bragg on the way to Caspar, California, the C-W had #38 parked out by the Ft. Bragg depot on display for the visiting railfans to capture her on countless rolls of film.  Those railfans would have been stunned to know that just 3 short years later, #38 would be in this condition and going for her last ride into the sunset.


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