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Date: 04/06/21 21:44
Spot time
Author: jbwest

January 1967.  Magma Arizona.  The fireman enjoys a cigar at Superior while waiting for the agent to finish billing for the cars going to Magma junction that day.


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Date: 04/07/21 08:03
Re: Spot time
Author: Bob3985

You have to love the human side of railroading.
I did for 31 years and still do.

Bob Krieger
Cheyenne, WY

Date: 04/07/21 10:53
Re: Spot time
Author: Earlk

That would be Sterling Tucker, the regular fireman on the Magma then.  The regular engineer was Roy Jeter.

Date: 04/07/21 11:05
Re: Spot time
Author: jbwest

Earlk Wrote:
> That would be Sterling Tucker, the regular fireman
> on the Magma then.  The regular engineer was Roy
> Jeter.

This must be Jeter.  What has intrigued me about this picture is the engineer seems to wearing the kind of keppie used by Japanese soldiers during WW2.


Date: 04/07/21 14:24
Re: Spot time
Author: Earlk

Correction:  Mr Jeter's first name was "Lee".

Date: 04/07/21 15:28
Re: Spot time
Author: Txhighballer

I can attest to the 5 being one pulling, sure footed beast! 

Date: 04/07/21 16:06
Re: Spot time
Author: wcamp1472

One way to assess the pulling capacity of locos, is to
see the distance from crankpin to tire rim.
The closer to the rim, the greater the leverage at the rail.

That's where the power is most pronounced.
On passenger engines you'll see that the crankpins
are closer to the axle center.

Small drivers, at speed, can lead to excessive piston speeds...
a bad thing..and small drivers make counterbalancing very difficult 
to be effective.

The 4-4-0 grew into the 2-6-0, that grew into the 2-8-0.  
Grate areas became a factor that led to the 2-8-2, the 2-8-4.
2-8-4 went faster, but counterbalancing limited driver RPMs.

Going to larger diameter drivers alleviates the inadequacy of small drivers,
because the effectiveness of counterweights is increased with the higher
rim veloicites. 

Thus, the 4-8-4 wheel arrangement came about.

But, this engine is an excellent specimen of a strong puller... and can do that 
all day long .. .Thank the gods for strong, steady pullers..like this Iron Horse..

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