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Date: 01/13/22 11:18
WMSR/1309 Polar Express numbers
Author: OscarManheim

Date: 01/13/22 13:26
Re: WMSR/1309 Polar Express numbers
Author: co614

Well, if any organization earned some good luck it was this one. Let's hope it's just the start of a string of good news for them, and that the 1309 continues to perform well and make all who donated towards her rebirth pleased. 

   Also, warrants saying thanks to Jim Wrinn at Trains magazine for staying the course when there were many times they would have been justified to throw in the towel and walk way but they didn't. 

   Onward and Upward. Ross Rowland 

Date: 01/23/22 12:39
Re: WMSR/1309 Polar Express numbers
Author: coach

They sold out on every single trip.  That is WONDERFUL news!  And, they are adding extra runs for next year, which is even better!  Imagine all the happy parents and excited kids--very heartwarming!

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