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Date: 06/16/22 17:38
The Wheels Come Off of L&N 152
Author: Baxtersta

On June the 13th the wheels were removed from Kentucky Railway Museum's L&N 4-6-2 #152. Buzick Construction Company provided the crane and crew for the lift with KRM "Crew 152" volunteers doing the ground work and other details to be tended to.  As part of the complete renovation of the 1905 Pacific, the wheel work is being contracted out.  After the wheels were removed, the frame was placed back on the pony truck and a truck fabricated to take the place of fhe trailing wheel set.  A few photos from the six hour process.  
1 - Initial lift was sufficient to roll away the trailing wheelset. Note that this class of loco did not have a swiveling "truck" but a fixed wheelset under the frame. 
2 - Frame lifted clear and ready to be swung clear of tracks to allow drivers to be moved away and some work for be performed on on frame components. 
3 - Frame being lowered back on to the lead truck.  

Date: 06/16/22 22:22
Re: The Wheels Come Off of L&N 152
Author: CPR_4000

"Complete renovation" as in return to service?

Date: 06/17/22 07:23
Re: The Wheels Come Off of L&N 152
Author: wcamp1472

Of course!

Who would go to the huge expense involved ( new tires, etc), if it was only getting
 a coat of paint & not used?

A critical 'repairs-step' is visible in photo 3.  The open frame jaws ( for #1 driver axle)
, between the 2 guys  with orange tee shirts, has its bottom frame-binder temporarily
bolted-up & back in-place.   The two frame "jaws" for the individual axle journal boxes
are connected solidly at the bottom opening by the binder-bar.  

If binder bars are left off of the frame for extended periods, the frame could warp &
the unsecured pedestal jaws can spread apart.  The weakend frame can be 
subject to severe warping and become mishapened.

So, whenever the driver axles are removed, the binders must be quickly replaced.    
It's a very good practice, as illustrated here.
Well done.



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Date: 06/17/22 12:55
Re: The Wheels Come Off of L&N 152
Author: Baxtersta

Thanks wcamp for the affirmation of getting the binders right back on. It was a priority in the plan. 

Date: 06/17/22 13:44
Re: The Wheels Come Off of L&N 152
Author: wcamp1472

It was an important clue to the carefulness of the restoration.
Also, others will learn important, key areas to protect.

Well Done.



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Date: 06/17/22 20:47
Re: The Wheels Come Off of L&N 152
Author: EMD2024

It'll be great to see this trim little Pacific back in service again. Best of luck to KRM on the the rebuild.


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