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Date: 06/16/22 21:31
2,768 Shay locomotives
Author: fbe

The new book "The Shay Locomotive, An Illustrated History" by Henderson, Benson, Kadelak and Hauff has been released by White River Productions.  This runs 639 pages and gives information about construction and historic ownership of every Shay wood, coal, or diesel powered.

I don't think there is a more complete Shay book out there.

Retail price is $99.95

Date: 06/17/22 04:56
Re: 2,768 Shay locomotives
Author: steamfan759

I purchased my copy when it was first announced.  The book is very well laid out and I now use it in place of my shay book by Michael Koch.  I highly recommend it and I use it for my research on locomotive builder's and number plates.


Date: 06/17/22 06:51
Re: 2,768 Shay locomotives
Author: LoggerHogger

When we prepared the new Shay book we worked very hard to make this as complete a book as possible.  I spent over a year eiditing the book and adding new material 

We now have it in it's second printing.  We made a few corrections in the 2nd printing of items we caught after the first printing.


Date: 06/17/22 09:57
Re: 2,768 Shay locomotives
Author: holiwood

It is a very good book, I like it.  I would not have known about if not for posts on Trainorders
I miss the nice pictures that we used to get to see here.

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