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Date: 09/18/22 09:26
D&SNG Double Header yesterday
Author: ns2557

We were down in Durango Co yesterday to check out the NAOTC Show that was held there. We also arrived early enough to catch all 3 morning trains on the D&SNG. A rather productive day for us.

Here is a series of 3 shots of the 0900 NB train as it heads north out of Durango along US550, The Million Dollar Highway.

Shot 1. North of Durango but south of Hermosa Co. Ex DRGW  2-8-2 K28 476 leads Ex DRGW 2-8-2, K36 482. They sounded good as they moved along. The slow pace of the train enabled us to get quite a few shots.  Is it common for the DSNG to double head trains nb out of Durango? This was one of the very few times I have seen the DSNG in operation over the years. It was the 1st time, my best half, witnessed them. We were impressed.

Shot 2.   Here they pass the Water Tank at Hermosa.

Shot 3.  And just a bit farther north on US550 where the Highway crosses over the tracks and they disappear back into the woods on the east side, we caught them one last time making their way thru the curves before passing under the bridge.

 Really enjoyed the morning. Did pick up a few items at the show, so it was all worthwhile. Just a long day.  Thanks all for looking, Be well. Ben          (All shots taken on Saturday Sept 17 2022)

Date: 09/18/22 09:41
Re: D&SNG Double Header yesterday
Author: jkh2cpu

You got some nice ones.

Date: 09/19/22 06:42
Re: D&SNG Double Header yesterday
Author: PlyWoody

You and #1 need to ride the train and enjoy a full day of steam train ride. 

Date: 09/19/22 09:17
Re: D&SNG Double Header yesterday
Author: ATSF1129

I personally can't wait until October to go up there and see that 476 with a diamond stack again

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