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Date: 11/18/22 17:57
ORHC - another "pour" today
Author: asheldrake

doing the other half of the ring today, crisp but beautiful weather at the Oregon Rail Heritage Center in Portland, Oregon.   Arlen

Date: 11/18/22 18:11
Re: ORHC - another "pour" today
Author: Jsporseen

Thanks Arlen.  It seems like every time I am over in the area, it is between ____s and/or _______s.  I know that between the Turntable project, the Mt. Emily Shay, the loan of the Polson locomotive AND the continuation of the project that I have been longing for ever since I first started volunteering, getting the 197 restored.  I know the 197 is still on the back burner but I sure want it completed.  

I know with all these projects and the upcoming Holiday Express, everybody is most likely very tense.

Date: 11/19/22 08:50
Re: ORHC - another "pour" today
Author: Jsporseen

In the previous post I forgot two other MINOR items that people at the ORHC are constantly involved with:  the return of the SP&S 700 to operation and the constant upkeep for the 4449.

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