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Date: 11/24/22 06:30
Robert "Bob" Krieger RIP
Author: DRGWK59

It is with great sorrow we have learned of the passing of Robert "Bob" Krieger!  He was a member of the Sherman Hill Model Railroad Club and was serving as Secretary at his passing.  He was also a retired UP Steam Team Engineer/Fireman on both UP 844 and UP 3985.  He was part of the crew of UP employees who put UP 3985 back in service.  He also served as Business Manager at the UPHS.  Services are pending and will be announced when finalized!

David Ketchum
Sherman Hill Model Railroad Club

Date: 11/24/22 06:52
Re: Robert "Bob" Krieger RIP
Author: Spoony81

Damn we lost one of these greats. I always enjoyed Bobs posts and knowledge. I want to thank him for helping bring 3985 back but I’m sad he won’t get to see it have a 3rd life. RIP Bob and thank you

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Date: 11/24/22 07:03
Re: Robert "Bob" Krieger RIP
Author: wabash2800

Wow, he was a regular here and it seems like he posted just the other day. RIP. Did he live long enough to see the 3985 moved to Silvis?

Victor B.

Edit: I see his last post was 22 days ago.

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Date: 11/24/22 07:09
Re: Robert "Bob" Krieger RIP
Author: Jsporseen

There is a plaque on the dash of the 96 with Bob's name on it as he often was the engineer on that switcher in Cheyenne.  The 96 will helppower the Holiday Express and I WAS going to suggest that Bob be invited to the opening ceremony for the Turntable as the 96 will probably be doing a lot of switching at the time.  It would have been fun to see him in the cab.  Sadly now, it won't happen.  

A year or so ago I made a couple of statements on TO that were both a little silly and incorrect. Bob Private Messaged me and in a very kind and gentlemanly fashion corrected me. 

Thanks Bob.  RIP

Date: 11/24/22 07:21
Re: Robert "Bob" Krieger RIP
Author: HotWater

Dam!  This is a real surprise. Bob and I were good friends for many years, and I had had the pleasure to be his Fireman on 844 and 3985 over many, MANY years.I'll sure miss him.

Date: 11/24/22 07:23
Re: Robert "Bob" Krieger RIP
Author: holiwood

Always enjoyed his posts and stories

Date: 11/24/22 07:44
Re: Robert "Bob" Krieger RIP
Author: atsf121

Sad news, always enjoyed his posts here on TO. Will always appreciate the efforts of he and others who brought 3985 back to life. It was awesome to see it at Railfair ‘91 and ‘99. Condolences to his family.


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Date: 11/24/22 07:48
Re: Robert "Bob" Krieger RIP
Author: Tominde

So sad.  He was a class act and will be greatly missed.  Clear blocks

Date: 11/24/22 07:59
Re: Robert "Bob" Krieger RIP
Author: randyr

Agree with all the comments posted. Especially his work along with others bringing 3985 back. I always enjoyed his takes and he was very gracious when I PMed him about some 8444 deadhead moves. When I look back on my pics of 3985 I would recall his efforts and comments over the years. RIP and condolences to his family.

Randy in PHX

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Date: 11/24/22 08:03
Re: Robert "Bob" Krieger RIP
Author: Habu

Damn…just damn. I only met Bob once, but messaged with him a handful of times. He was always very kind & knowledgeable. I’ll miss greatly his posts here, especially since he had a front row seat as part of the UP Steam Program for many years.

Condolences to his friends & family. High greens all the way, Bob.

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Date: 11/24/22 08:16
Re: Robert "Bob" Krieger RIP
Author: BAB

Wow so sad to see his passing posted he answered several of my questions offered to show me around if I ever got east that far.  His posts will be missed by all may he rest in peace.

Date: 11/24/22 08:19
Re: Robert "Bob" Krieger RIP
Author: UP951West

Bob was one mighty fine man . He was a big man with  a big heart .  I am proud to have called him my friend for many years. Bob was a good man and he has gone to his reward.   May his soul rest in peace .

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Date: 11/24/22 08:24
Re: Robert "Bob" Krieger RIP
Author: jderoo

So sorry to hear this news. Wonderful guy. We'll miss you Bob.

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Date: 11/24/22 08:34
Re: Robert "Bob" Krieger RIP
Author: P


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Date: 11/24/22 08:38
Re: Robert "Bob" Krieger RIP
Author: Mudrock

A great lost for all of us!


Date: 11/24/22 08:42
Re: Robert "Bob" Krieger RIP
Author: SPDRGWfan

Very sad news.  He was a regular poster.  Her today, gone tomorrow.  Enjoy our friends whie they are with us.

Date: 11/24/22 08:52
Re: Robert "Bob" Krieger RIP
Author: SPMW5771

Very sorry to hear. I met Bob once at the 2019 conventions in Ogden. He was manning a UP table and I had about a 20 minute conversation with him. He could not have been more cordial and friendly…

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Date: 11/24/22 08:55
Re: Robert "Bob" Krieger RIP
Author: gandydancer4

I met George Voightmann in the Fall of 1989 at a UPHS meet (I think) in Omaha Nebraska while doing the swap meet. George had (what I thought) were GREAT videos of Union Pacific lines East and West of Cheyenne, WYO.
 We hit it off so well that he invited me out to his place to go rail fanning around Cheyenne and to go to Sherman Hill. I made it out to see George the following February and we started off out of Greeley, Colorado. On the way there, he said he had a "surprise" for me. Little did I know that he had arranged a tour of the Cheyenne Roundhouse and I got to meet Steve Lee, Bob Krieger, Lynn Nystrom and all the tenants in the roundhouse. I was in "Hog Heaven". Great guys, one and all but Bob stood out as the nicest of them. We all ate lunch together and then we did some rail fanning that when I look back on it, was the highlight of my train watching career. I also got to go to Rail Fair '91 out in Sacramento and got to volunteer at the UP booth there and "hang out" with the Steam Crew there. . As "payment", George got a cabride across Feather River Canyon to Railfair and I got a cabride from KC to Jeff City in December of '92. Both cab rides were in UP 3985. George, Lynn and now Bob are gone. I think it's very sad that UP 3985 and other items were donated to the Silvis shops at about the same time of Bob's passing. Bob was very nice, accommodating, knowledgeable and above all, a railfan of enormous proportion. I wish his family peace and the continuation of the legacy that he and others started with UP 844 and UP 3985.   

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Date: 11/24/22 09:09
Re: Robert "Bob" Krieger RIP
Author: jcaestecker

Kindness and generosity are the very best of traits to have and Bob had them both in spades.  Rest in peace.


Date: 11/24/22 09:13
Re: Robert "Bob" Krieger RIP
Author: superfleet

"Bob3985" was someone who's posts I always made it a point to read; very sad, our prayers are with his family.  I'm sure he and Lynn Nystrom are having a grand old time right about now.


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