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Date: 01/16/23 08:18
Frisco 1522 Sound Montage
Author: MaryMcPherson

I did not buy my first video camera until late December, 2002.

At the time of the last runs of Frisco 1522, my main focus was sound recording.  My tools at the time consisted of a Fostex X-18 recorder and a pair of condensor microphones.  The X-18 required a sound engineer to manually ride the gain controls, and this was a skill I had mastered if I do say so myself.  However, it seriously limited the ability to do photography while doing sound.

Prior to 1522's last run, I picked up a squeeze-ball activated remote shutter release that had a 25-foot line on it.  I figured I could set my camera up on the tripod, estimate where the locomotive was in-frame and give the ball a squeeze while working the recorder.

Here is a montage of sound I recorded on the last day I saw 1522 under steam, along with many of the photos taken that day.

The technique worked.  You may notice some odd angles however.  I chose many locations that did not lend themselves to a good photo or video, which kept people away from the microphones.

Mary McPherson
Dongola, IL
Diverging Clear Productions

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Date: 01/16/23 10:01
Re: Frisco 1522 Sound Montage
Author: PVSfan

Excellent audio captures!
I vividly recall the sounds of 1522 crawling up a grade somewhere between Springfield and Memphis in 1994.

Date: 01/16/23 12:31
Re: Frisco 1522 Sound Montage
Author: Frisco1522

You did good Mary.  My late wife used to call that my mating call.
I wish you had been downtown STL when we arrived back from a Hannibal trip.  We had to take the whole train down toward Lesperance St. yard until the last car cleared the switch to back down to Union Station.  I knew that was going to be interesting to back up that grade so I laid down sand for about 3 car lengths.
That shotgun was incredible echoing amoungst all the buildings down there and I think every pigeon in St. Louis took flight.
I was always proud of 1522's pulling power and her "magna traction".
Another Hannibal trip, we came up through the arch tunnels with a long train and it was hanging down while the engine was up on the elevated and the curve on it worked her to a stall.  No slip and I was nervous up in the air.  It was an Amtrak umbrella trip with one of their diesels on the hind end.  To my shame, I had to ask the Amtrak unit for a nudge rather than try any heroics on the trestle.  I guess I could have used to booster............

Date: 01/18/23 06:34
Re: Frisco 1522 Sound Montage
Author: jmhemmer

Wow!  I wish I had been in St. Louis.

Before you sign off from TO, perhaps you could do a huge favor to Posterity and write up as many of these stories as you can recall (that you haven't already published).  I'd be glad to pay your membershp for a year!  What fabulous experiences.  

Date: 01/18/23 15:12
Re: Frisco 1522 Sound Montage
Author: Frisco1522

There are lots of stories, history and other info at:  http://stlouisnrhs.org/Frisco-1522/Frisco-1522_index.htm
I think you'll enjoy it.
Some kind soul "re-enlisted me here on TO"  Thank you for the offer.

Date: 01/18/23 16:45
Re: Frisco 1522 Sound Montage
Author: LocoPilot750

There just is not a bettter sounding whistle on anything, anywhere.

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