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Date: 01/19/23 13:12
East Broad Top #16 photo
Author: Keystone_Ed

  Yesterday the East Broad Top posted a photo of  2-8-2 #16 on the Fans of the East Broad Facebook web site. EBT #16.   The locomotive is the first of EBT's 6 narrow gauge mikados being restored by the East Broad Top Foundation for service on the line.  Last summer #16 was steamed up and passed its boiler test.  In the fall #16’s rebuilt tender (new tank) was on display.   The latest photo shows  further progress including its painted boiler jacket and cab.     The locomotives' main and driving rods are mounted, but a close look shows the Southern valve gear has not been installed yet.   The EBT has been cautious not to advertise an in service date before the restoration is complete.  They are committed to doing a quality job not based on arbitrary dates.  That said it sure would be neat to see #16 running during EBT's annual Winter Spectacular event, February 19-19, 2023.

Date: 01/19/23 18:13
Re: East Broad Top #16 photo
Author: co614

The bottom line is that the EBT restoration is now in completely competent hands and will happen over time. Steam will soon be again a part of the EBT experience and whether it happens by this years Winter Spectacular in February or later is not that important in the big picture.

   I can see the day when there will be multiple steamers back in service and the entire 31 mile railroad will be back in service and available to be enjoyed riding on regularly scheduled steam powered excursions.

   If you are able, please join the Friends of the EBT and lend a hand towards hastening the above into reality.

   Thanks, Ross Rowland 

Date: 01/24/23 19:00
Re: East Broad Top #16 photo
Author: Keystone_Ed

A video clip was posted on the Fans of the East Broad Top Facebook site showing the Southern Valve gear on #16 being exercised.  Test runs may be imminent.  

question. What if any are the pros and cons of Southern valve gear over the more common Walshearts gear?

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