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Date: 01/20/23 07:13
Bill Gwinn Photos (3) - AC&Y/NYC
Author: refarkas

Here are two more of Bill's photos taken with his box cameras. 
Some of you haven't seen a box camera especially the kind Bill used. Imagine a box made of wood covered with fake/real leather. You only had a few things to do to operate one of them. You turned something (a knob or something similar to a crank) to advance the film. You looked through a small hole which was sometimes covered with glass. This was to see what you were looking at. Of course, it only gave a semi-accurate view for one distance since you were not looking through the lens. The other distances were guesswork. And focusing? Don't worry. You can't The box cameras I have seen had a fixed focus lens. It was only semi-sharp at one distance (Usually close for a portrait or a group of people). You did not get a wide range of sharp image. And the shutter? There was one speed perhaps 1/30th or 1/60th of a second, so forget action. Still, Bill used box cameras.
1.) AC&Y 402 is in an unknown location in 1945.
2.) NYC 7755 is in the scrapline at Collinwood Yard in Cleveland, Ohio on September 6, 1953.

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