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Date: 03/03/23 14:56
WP #5 2-8-0 ('49)
Author: valmont

Oroville CA 5/30/49 by?

Date: 03/03/23 15:29
Re: WP #5 2-8-0 ('49)
Author: LarryDoyle

That face shares a lot of history.

A Baldwin, built about 1905.  Got a new tender (probably more than one over the years), converted to oil fuel.

Stephenson Valve Gear was retained, even though superheated and retrofitted with outside piston valves by 1949.

Footboards front and rear - probably used for yard, industrial trackage (note that she's carrying a pole on the tender), and transfer duties by then.

Flanges on all drivers.


Date: 03/03/23 16:56
Re: WP #5 2-8-0 ('49)
Author: TomG

Built in 1906 and that might be its original tender. It was built as a coal burner and converted to oil withe the big oil bunker. But that is a #1-20 class tender so if its not original, it swapped with another 1-20 locomotive and yes she was definitely a switcher by this date. I question if it truely is Oroville, its on a whisker track obviously, but the 2 water towers don't  seem in the right places for Oroville. Larry thats not a polling pole on the tender but a rerailer and what looks to be a air tank behind it.

This is a really nice shot of number 5.

Weaverville, CA

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