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Date: 03/06/23 17:27
DSNG 476
Author: refarkas

(Dave Hardie photo) Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge 476 is in/near Durango, Colorado in July 1981.

Date: 03/06/23 20:01
Re: DSNG 476
Author: HT6

This is really a beautiful photo and worthy of being in a frame for hanging on the wall.  I can't stop looking at it! 

Date: 03/06/23 20:24
Re: DSNG 476
Author: srfreer

Don't ignore the "wildlife"....I see a Mustang followed by a Rabbit!?!

This photo must have been not long after Mr. Bradshaw bought the railroad and junked those diamond stacks....

Date: 03/06/23 20:51
Re: DSNG 476
Author: callum_out

Note also the quality right of way he was left with.


Date: 03/07/23 05:33
Re: DSNG 476
Author: jcaestecker

The wildflowers make the photo for me.  It's a day brightener for certain.  Thanks for posting.


Date: 03/07/23 09:27
Re: DSNG 476
Author: Earlk

The D&S took over the D&RGW Silverton Branch in May of 1981.  So, this is very early in D&S history. 

Date: 03/08/23 09:06
Re: DSNG 476
Author: randyr

Thanks for posting the photo. My wife and I had ridden the Silverton the year before, the last year of D&RGW operation. And K28 476 pulled our train. I agree with Earl,  a great historical shot of the early years of D&SNG operations. Here is a photo in roughly the same spot in May of 2020. K37 493 is hauling a modified flat/clearance car to check out the clearances for their new diesels up in the canyon. I believe the D&S put in the siding a few years back. Note the roadbed and track improvements. Thanks again for the photo.

Randy in PHX

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