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Steam & Excursion > NYC Hudson’s Screw Reverser, Part 2

Date: 03/17/23 12:13
NYC Hudson’s Screw Reverser, Part 2
Author: wcamp1472

I've seen construction drawings of an early application
of the Franklin Precision Reverse gear as applied to the J3a class engines.

The drawings showed the original location of the air cylinder mounted down,
below the loco frame, at between the #3 drivers.  

Since a rotating drive shaft connecting.the reverse cylinder to the engineer's
position in the cab, it allows the use of right-angle gears to get the shaft down
to the air cylinder.

Over time, it seems that the original location was changed, and 
the cylinder was moved to a more conventional location.

Anybody got any pictures they've found of the two variants as applied to 
the NYC, J3a class, 4-6-4 locomotives?  

I'd like to see the changes .


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