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Date: 05/23/23 08:26
4014 - The "Scenic Route" via Gering
Author: LTCerny

On its trip from Cheyenne to Omaha June 7-8, 4014 is scheduled to leave the mainline at Egbert, Wyoming and travel on the line via Gering, Nebrska until rejoining the mainline at O'Fallons, Nebraska.  
First, a little history.  Construction on this line began at O'Fallons in 1907 and reached Gering in 1911,  Construction continued to Yoder (junction with the branch to South Torrington) in 1926 and was finally completed to Egbert in 1928.  In 1939, the section from 24 to 57 miles west of O'Fallons was relocated to allow for the construction of the Kingsley dam and its reservoir.
Perhaps the most interesting section is geographically north of Albin, Wyoming where the line drops off a flat farmland plateau into the Horse Creek valley on a twisting alignment through eroded hills including a 565-foot tunnel that passes under Road 162 about 4 miles from Albin.  This section of many curves and hilly scenery runs from about 1 and a half miles railroad west of the tunnel to 4 miles east (geographically north). Hopefully some TO member will come up with a good drone video of this section. 
Coming into Gering from the west, the line passes the base of Scott's Bluff which could make for some dramatic shots.  If you've got time, take the road to the top of Scott's Bluff.  Suprisingly mountainous for Nebraska.
On the next moring (June 8), about 15 miles east of Gering, 4014 is scheduled to pass within sight of the spire of Chimney Rock,  a landmark for Wagon Trains headed for Californa and Oregon.

Date: 05/23/23 17:34
Re: 4014 - The "Scenic Route" via Gering
Author: x9000

Current traffic on the Yoder sub consists of the Gering local running to South Torrington as needed.  A lot less traffic since the sugar beet factory closed.  Pick up fracking sand in Yoder and a few PRB coal trains from South Morrel to Cheyenne.

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