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Date: 06/02/23 20:38
Small quiz
Author: ApproachCircuit

What 4 coupled american steam locmotive, running with 300 lb PSI ,Dyno'ed out at 3300 HP?

No hints, this one is easy!

Date: 06/02/23 21:00
Re: Small quiz
Author: bmoore765

Milwaukee Road Class A 4-4-2

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Date: 06/03/23 11:46
Re: Small quiz
Author: sarailfan

Counting North America, CP's 4-4-4 Jubilees were probably close to that horsepower number

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Darren Boes
Lethbridge, AB
Southern Alberta Railfan

Date: 06/03/23 13:45
Re: Small quiz
Author: Elesco

What dynos were in service, besides Altoona, that could handle that much power?
I'm guessing the answer to your question is the Pennsy E6.

The E6 Atlantics were incapable of  producing 3300 horsepower.  The maxima produced in testing the later model E6 at the Altoona plant was slightly less than 2500 horsepower indicated and 2250 horsepower drawbar.


The small difference between drawbar and indicated power was due to the fact that drawbar power was measured on a stationary dynamometer.  Thus, locomotive drag due to aerodynamics and moving upgrade weren't present.  Also, the pressure sensor in the indicator device was connected to the cylinder probe by a very short pipe, which removes most of the power measurement error that existed in typical road test indicator cards.  That effect was thoroughly investigated at the Purdue locomotive test plant and documented in the following, Chapter 13.



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Date: 06/03/23 14:41
Re: Small quiz
Author: jdw3460

Elesco Wrote:
> What dynos were in service, besides Altoona, that
> could handle that much power?
One that I know of was Santa Fe car 29.  It was testing steam engines in the 4000-5000 HP range for 50 years.  But it operated in and out of Topeka, KS.

Date: 06/04/23 11:01
Re: Small quiz
Author: tomstp

That  2250 drawbar  horsepower is rather amazing from a two driver axel small engine.  .  T&P 2-10-4's drawbar horsepower was 4160 lbs C.T.E.It could go higher on a short term basis.

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