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Steam & Excursion > East Broad Top - Sept. 9.

Date: 09/09/23 13:29
East Broad Top - Sept. 9.
Author: birdman

Stopped at Orbisonia, PA today to see the East Broad Top in action before heading to Altoona for the night. I t was heavily overcast and clouds were to the ground in some places but the heavy rain held off during the 11:00 northbound run.

Date: 09/09/23 13:30
Re: East Broad Top - Sept. 9.
Author: birdman

Two more photos

Date: 09/09/23 16:17
Re: East Broad Top - Sept. 9.
Author: up833

From the photos it looks like fish plates are not used on every tie, including new installs. Is this normal or a waver item?

Date: 09/09/23 16:31
Re: East Broad Top - Sept. 9.
Author: Pattenburg

Dick - nice images both here and on the Cresson thread!

Date: 09/09/23 17:07
Re: East Broad Top - Sept. 9.
Author: refarkas

Wonderful set.

Date: 09/09/23 18:31
Re: East Broad Top - Sept. 9.
Author: Keystone_Ed

EBT's practice is to use tie plates on main line track, and no plates on sidings/yard track.  I've read that this was how it was done before 1956 when the EBT was a coal hauling Common Carrier.    For photos of recent tack restoration check out the photos and text on the Fans of the EBT Facebook page.  Due to funding it may take a decade or more to reach the old mining center at Robertsdale, but they are making slow but steady progress rebuilding the main line south of Orbisonia toward Pogue.  South of Orbisonia the rail (and bridges) is still in place, but the ties have rotted away.  Recent practice is to unbolt the rail, lay it to the side and bring in heavy equipment to regrade the roadbed for drainage.  New ties are laid, and the old rail is spiked down using tie plates. Rebuilt sections of the main look better than they did when the railrod was in full operation before shutdown in 1956.  

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