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Steam & Excursion > The Scout at Topeka, April ‘47

Date: 09/13/23 08:59
The Scout at Topeka, April ‘47
Author: WrongWayMurphy

If I recall, 2919 was fairly new at this time, maybe built during the war?

Date: 09/13/23 09:26
Re: The Scout at Topeka, April ‘47
Author: refarkas

First-class steam photo.

Date: 09/13/23 09:31
Re: The Scout at Topeka, April ‘47
Author: train1275

According to E.D. Worley in Iron Horses of the Santa Fe Trail the 2919 was built by Baldwin in 1944 c/n 69807.
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Date: 09/14/23 02:32
Re: The Scout at Topeka, April ‘47
Author: coach

Look at the bell--like it's frozen in time while ringing, and yet, the engine is taking on water at a stop.

Date: 09/15/23 13:52
Re: The Scout at Topeka, April ‘47
Author: santafe199

The train is westbound, stopped under the 6th St overpass. Who knows why the bell would be ringing. Maybe a signal to a crewman on the ground?
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Added later at Home: This photo angle at Topeka was one of Bill Gibson's main, go-to shooting locations. So I went digging. I found a B/W image in the Gibson Collection indicating this train was shot at Topeka on 4-27-47. The passenger consist is identical. Bill (WAG Sr) got a very similar shot with the rods and the bell in the same identical position. But the water spout is disengaged from the tender. (Before watering? After watering?) My guess is he was shoulder to shoulder with another local Topeka fan shooting this 3/4 wedgie scene. There were a number of Topeka Gang shooters in the 1940s, so any name I might toss up there would be pure speculation... 

Helluva neat piece of Santa Fe history right there on the hallowed ground, beating heart of the Santa Fe's birthplace...


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Date: 09/16/23 17:09
Re: The Scout at Topeka, April ‘47
Author: trainman

If I remember correctly someone told me sometimes the bells would "stick" mid swing.

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Date: 09/17/23 06:24
Re: The Scout at Topeka, April ‘47
Author: jdw3460

I rode the Scout from Kansas to California in 1946, at age 9.  My parents and I occupied a section on a Pullman car.  I was in the upper berth.  I remember learning that when you put your shoes under the lower berth at night, the porter would shine them for you.  I remember getting off the train in Needles, CA at night and it was 90 degrees.  It was quite a thrill for a kid to ride a steam-powered train across the country.  No diesels required.

Date: 09/18/23 19:37
Re: The Scout at Topeka, April ‘47
Author: LocoPilot750

The war time 2900's had steel bells. I was at Bill Gibson Sr's house in Topeka in late 1979 for a get together of fans, and I saw a steel 2900 bell with front mount yoke and hanger on his patio, but I don't remember the number. I think it belonged to the Topeka chapter. I always wondered what happened to it.

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