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Date: 02/03/24 15:01
Porky's birthday celebration
Author: roustabout

Santa Maria Valley #205 was at the center of a celebration of it's 100th year.  Porky, as it is widely know, is owned and operated by the Albany & Eastern Railroad and has been used for excursions and even a bit of freight work since coming onto the A&E.  Today's first run was the normal short excursion towards Sweet Home, turning back at the lumber mill siding at Bauman.  The train was longer than usual and required the help of A&E's ex-SP GP35 that was discretely on the rear for the eastbound trip and then cut off and ran light from the turning point.  Images were taken at the Lebanon depot, prior to departure.  The video was taken on the climb up the hill at Waterloo.  #205 was also making a run out the Mill City Branch for VIP's but I didn't stick around for that.

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Date: 02/03/24 15:35
Re: Porky's birthday celebration
Author: wp1801

Thanks, Lou.

Date: 02/03/24 19:09
Re: Porky's birthday celebration
Author: jkh2cpu

I love the video and sound.

Date: 02/04/24 12:17
Re: Porky's birthday celebration
Author: TTStetz3

This Baldwin 2-6-2 locomotive was built by Baldwin Locomotive Works in 1924 for the San Joaquin & Eastern railroad as their no. 205. Baldwin Specification 10-28-D 1/4 165. The locomotive was sold in April 1933 to the Santa Maria Valley Railroad, where she ran unilt May 1950. Restoration began in 1983 by George Lavacot.

Baldwin locomotive build information from: https://digitalcollections.smu.edu/digital/collection/rwy/id/32/
from Volume 71 page 165

As Built Total Weight of 128,000 lbs
As Buily Operating Pressure of 195 psi
Tender Oil capacity of 1800 gallons
Tender Water capacity of 4500 gallons

For the Baldwin Specification 10-28-D 1/4 165
10 = Total of 10 wheels  (2-6-2)
28 = Size Specification of cylinder [(28 / 2)+3 = 17 inch cylinder]
D = 3 pair of driving wheels
1/4 = indicates both leading AND trailing truck
165 = the 165th locomotive built in that class

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Date: 02/05/24 15:28
Re: Porky's birthday celebration
Author: asheldrake

so where is Porky?

Date: 02/23/24 15:28
Re: Porky's birthday celebration
Author: TTStetz3

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