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Date: 02/21/24 10:08
Some Nevada Northern Favorite Pics
Author: jbwest

I had a lot of fun on the Nevada Northern, especially the winter photo specials.  The recent pictures posted here reminded me of those good times.  Years ago they were run by Joel Jensen, who was both a good photographer and a good teacher,  I learned a lot following him around.  Attached is a link to a few of my favorites.
Nevada Northern favorites 1999 to 2012

Would like to get back, but between creeping age and winter driving, Ely just keeps getting further away.



Date: 02/21/24 12:38
Re: Some Nevada Northern Favorite Pics
Author: callum_out

Ely far away? I used to be out there at least once a month for QR and it was a long drive even from 
Elko, be a groaner from down here on the river. Same with the C&TS charters, very atractive until you
start thinking about the miles and the sunrise start to the charter. Old age sucks!


Date: 02/21/24 16:32
Re: Some Nevada Northern Favorite Pics
Author: urbanpirate

Lovely photos John!. Nice to see the railroad as it was before I started visting in 2016. Very interesting to see what has changed and what has stayed the same over the years.


Ben Kuhns
Salt Lake City, UT
Ben Kuhns dot Com

Date: 02/25/24 23:59
Re: Some Nevada Northern Favorite Pics
Author: Odyssey

Thank you for sharing the Nevada Northern images and your captions and memories.
The Nevada Northern is truly a magical place where history is always on display.

Evergreen, CO

Date: 02/26/24 11:15
Re: Some Nevada Northern Favorite Pics
Author: Earlk

 Here's some shots of the NN's frst weekend as a "historic property", Memorial Day, 1987.  I was hired as an engineer to run the 40, along with a few other guys. In 1987, Kennecott allowed us to run all the way to the mine at Copper Flat.  From 1988 onward trains were required to terminate at Keystone where a wye was built.  The railroad from Keystone to Copper Flat was torn up and the right of way is now buried under many thousands of tons of mine dumps.  Too bad.  The 3% climb from Keystone to Copper Flat put #40 on her knees. 
1.  First test run of #40 up at the mine at Copper Flat.
2. Making at hard run at the hill at Keystone.  This is the present end of track.  The siding on the right was later curved out and made into the wye track.  This was shot from the road overpass to Old Ruth.  Both old Ruth and the overpass are now gone.
3.  Slugging it out on the 3%.  All of this is deeply buried un mine dumps now.

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