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Date: 07/23/02 21:22
Tug a war
Author: photobob

How would 4449 done against this SP switcher? This photo was taken in December 1975 along 7th st in San Francisco. The switcher was actually pulling 4449 to Aquatic Park for display. There are a few more photos of its visit on my website:


Date: 07/23/02 22:00
Re: Tug a war
Author: samreeves

Nice job Bob, even if it looks like crapÂ…

Date: 07/24/02 08:02
Sam is right!
Author: BurlingtonJohn

That is one butt-ugly switch engine!

Burlington John


Date: 07/24/02 10:06
Re: Sam is right!
Author: samreeves

What we need is SP 1233 towing her to the PortÂ…

Date: 07/24/02 16:14
the winner would be...
Author: alco636

the 4449. She has more weight on her drivers, and more horsepower. But ad another SW, and all bets are off. The SW\'s enitre weight is on her drivers. Two SWs would probably be too much for the 4449.

Date: 07/24/02 16:31
Re: the winner would be...
Author: tucker

From a dead start, the SW would win. It has alot more horsepower at low speeds than the 4449.

Date: 07/24/02 18:31
Re: the winner would be...
Author: nycman

Ahh, but the 4449 has (had) a secret weapon. For you diesel guys, it is known as a booster engine. Steam cylinders drove the trailing truck wheels, and that usually provided about 12-14,000 lb extra tractive effort, at start up. They were only good to about 15-20 mph.

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