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Steam & Excursion > Night Photo of 734

Date: 06/03/04 07:34
Night Photo of 734
Author: BillL

My turn at a night photo of 734 taken during one of the many Photo Specials I've attended over the years.

Date: 06/03/04 17:55
Re: Night Photo of 734
Author: Mgoldman

Nice shot.... snow reflects better then grass, eh?
See similar shot further down.

Date: 06/03/04 18:40
Re: Night Photo of 734
Author: BillL

Yeah, and having Steve Barry light it didn't hurt it either (that's Joe Adda with the lantern). It was your photo that reminded me I had some as well so I submitted a few. Helping run the Photo Specials for all these years didn't hurt either ;-)

We'll be brush cutting at this summer at multiple steam operations in the mid-Atlantic so maybe we'll see you this fall and winter.

Baltimore Bill..

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