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Date: 06/01/05 13:12
NKP 765
Author: muzzlez

Any word on how close the NKP 765 is to being finsihed. I saw on 765.org there was a blitz week from May 14 - May 22. Will it be announced on trainorder when the first steam up or test run will be done?

Date: 06/01/05 14:50
Re: NKP 765
Author: Derecho

Two weekends ago I stopped by Casad and was told that they were 30-45 days away from test-firing the boiler to check staybolts and other connections. After that is over and whatever adjustments required are made, boiler jacketing will be applied, and another test-fire will be performed. Only after that will final reassembly take place, so the first move under her own power is probably still at least a couple of months away.


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