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Date: 06/01/05 18:38
Reflections of 4449
Author: photobob

4449 screams through Cottonwood, California on its way to the opening of the California State Railroad Museum in 1981.

Date: 06/01/05 18:50
Re: Reflections of 4449

Date: 06/01/05 18:54
Re: Reflections of 4449
Author: africansteam

MRSLIDES said it best.


Date: 06/01/05 18:55
Re: Reflections of 4449
Author: WrongWayMurphy

Thats what I'm talking about !

Date: 06/01/05 19:19
Re: Reflections of 4449
Author: espeeboy

very nice P-Bob! So are you "mud sucking" it in the photo Mosquito birth style or dropping the camera down low Squirrel perspective style?

Date: 06/02/05 04:56
Reflections of 4449 - Sweet Angle!
Author: cozephyr

Great composition with a fine looking lady. They laid the smoke out just right for you. Thanks for sharing this gem.

Date: 06/02/05 07:05
Re: Reflections of 4449
Author: doubleheader

Nice reflection. The only time I ever shot 4449 on the SP was 1989 and I got a great reflection at Warden, south of Klamath Falls. The video scene lasts 30-40 seconds as we pan it in the early morning sunshine. Someone at Kodak must have liked them too, since the roll of slides with the reflections my wife took were lost????
We also got another nice one at Elkhorn Slough on the run to Santa Barbara. I must say chasing in California is no picnic though!! Back in those days California was steam starved but we in the east had NS steam about every weekend. Now everyone is steam starved for mainline ops.
I am kinda partial to reflection shots. So much so that we even did a whole video a few years ago called "Reflections".
Greg Scholl


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