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Nostalgia & History > UP 6936 with 7-car Inspection Train

Date: 10/27/05 19:39
UP 6936 with 7-car Inspection Train
Author: cozephyr

Union Pacific's Vice President, Engineering, Bill Wimmer does get out of Omaha to inspect the UP system. UP Centennial 6936 was in charge of a 7-car train westbound coming off the Limon Subdivision into Denver, CO, June 3, 1999. Major improvements were later done on the Limon Subd.

Date: 10/28/05 21:57
Before and After???
Author: Red

This would be a good opportunity for a "BEFORE" and "AFTER" comparison of the 6936 after rebuild from the tragic grade crossing accident in South Louisiana, after which the 6936 got wings and cab mounted AC. Any takers?

The nose door did not change in external appearance, but, was made to open outward, rather than inward, as on a North American Cab unit, which doubled the strength of the door. The crew in the collision was OK, but, a manager in the center seat literally drowned in drilling mud...a very tragic situation. I recall that the NTSB criticized the Amtrak SDP40F's after a fatal accident with a tanker truck in the late 1970's on the "Lone Star", and the recommendation was then made that nose doors should not open inward in this fashion...it was a relatively easy fix to do which did not alter the appearance of the unit at all.

Wimmer still prefers the 6936 for his annual inspection tours...

Date: 10/29/05 08:26
UP 6936 in 2004
Author: cozephyr

In 2004 Mr. Wimmer did another westward inspection over the Limon Subdivision. UP 6936 was again the locomotive chosen. It was departing Limon, CO, with 9-car train S SIGW 25 March 25, 2004.

Date: 10/30/05 12:15
Bill Wimmer & "his" 6936
Author: NorCalRailfan

Several years ago I was told by an on-board crew member that Mr. Wimmer considered the 6936 to be his favorite locomotive which, one would assume, is why his inspection trains always seem to be powered by her. Does anyone happen to know when his next trip will be in the upcoming year?
PS: I think a nice shot would be of him standing in front of 6936, anyone have a shot they could post?

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