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Nostalgia & History > EMD BL20-2 #120

Date: 01/18/06 10:31
EMD BL20-2 #120
Author: CNW8531

Leased EMD BL20-2 #120 and C&NW GP-38-2 #4623 are the power for UP switch job #32 working the Beverly yard in Cedar Rapids, Ia., making a delivery to the "Crandic" railroad on 5-26-97.

Unfortunately, there was no market for the BL20-2, as only three were ever done up by EMD from former rebuilt BN GP-9's.

Date: 01/18/06 10:33
Re: EMD BL20-2 #120
Author: CNW8531

Job #32 going over Praire Creek enroute to the Crandic.

Date: 01/18/06 11:56
Re: EMD BL20-2 #120
Author: csx5000

looks like a baby GP60
railfan1 out

Date: 01/18/06 19:55
Re: EMD BL20-2 #120
Author: QU25C

It was a odd one to had a turboblower a turbo that dasnt free wheel . i wander if its still out there? richard

Date: 01/19/06 09:06
Re: EMD BL20-2 #120
Author: bnsfsd70

Maybe no market for the GP20-2 itself, but the BN did go and rebuild a good number of it's early Geeps into the very similar GP28M and GP28P. These are the units in the 1500's, look them up. Jeff

Date: 01/19/06 09:36
Re: EMD BL20-2 #120
Author: fwwr5007

QU25C Wrote:
> It was a odd one to had a turboblower a turbo that
> dasnt free wheel . i wander if its still out
> there? richard

I think they're all working for a shortline in Canada now, if I remember correctly....

Date: 01/19/06 18:42
Re: EMD BL20-2 #120
Author: TopcoatSmith

They belong to RaiLink in Canada, saw one in Edmonton in mid-November.

TCS - cool things

Date: 01/20/06 13:03
Re: EMD BL20-2 #120
Author: Q-GP30

Big difference between the BL20-2 and the GP28M is the BL20-2 was 2000 horsepopwer with a turbo (ala GP20's ) and the GP28M's are normally aspirated at 1800 horsepower.

I always heard the price for the BL20's was substantially higher then the GP28M's.


Date: 01/20/06 21:07
Re: EMD BL20-2 #120
Author: MILW86A

I got these on the BNSF, then the UP had them for a while as evidence in the photo from CNW8531. IIRC, 120 and 121 were sitting in Ames Yard the day after Thanksgiving in 1995. They probably were being used out of Eagle Grove around that time.


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