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Date: 01/21/06 15:19
North-Western Pacific Cars/engines Wanted
Author: my_mingo

Does anyone know about some old Retired SD9E's and some old SP Daylight passenger cars that are just sitting up somewhere rusting up. Could someone give me contact info, and info, about them, Im interested in purchasing them!!! email My_mingo@yahoo.com

Date: 01/21/06 17:36
Re: North-Western Pacific Cars/engines Wanted
Author: wharfrat

You are probably referring to the cars trapped up on the old NWP. Most of it in Healsburg and Willits. Most of it was last owned by the North Coast Rail Authority, but was supposedly auctioned off to private owners several years ago. It's mostly ex-Shasta Daylight equipment acquired by Dick Reynolds back in his Sierra Western days.

Date: 01/21/06 18:25
Re: North-Western Pacific Cars/engines Wanted
Author: my_mingo

Thanks, do you know any phone numbers

Date: 01/21/06 21:22
Re: North-Western Pacific Cars/engines Wanted
Author: JDLX

No SD-9s on the railroad anymore, there might be one or two in private ownership stored down at Schellville. However, there are six ex-SP GP-9E's sitting on the railroad...four in Eureka, CA, one in Petaluma, and the last one probably at Scotia, CA. Those six units were owned by some third party (I don't know who) and were leased to the North Coast Railroad. The four in Eureka are accompanied by ex-Central California Traction GP-7 #70, which is owned by NCRA and still wears full CCT paint.

The daylight passenger cars were owned by the North Coast Railroad Authority. They did make at least an effort to sell those cars off a couple years ago, but I seem to remember that the deals fell through. If that is the case the agency should still own them- people I know who have asked recently have gotten less than positive responses from that agency. They are primarily stored in the now-closed Pacific Lumber Company sawmill complex in Scotia.

There are a couple of other cars- a couple bi-levels and some others- stored in the yard at Willits, along with a pair of wreck damaged GP-9's.

NCRA has a website with some contact information on it. Good luck!

Jeff Moore
Elko, NV

Date: 01/21/06 21:55
Re: North-Western Pacific Cars/engines Wanted
Author: my_mingo

Much Thanks, Rock On

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