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Date: 02/25/06 22:08
WP Days
Author: qnyla

3rdswitch got me in the mood to scan some WP slides with his nice final WP shot post.

WP 3004 leads the WPW at Keddie on May 30, 1982 while I was in high school.

Date: 02/25/06 22:47
Re: WP Days
Author: NscaleMike

Very cool shot!

Date: 02/26/06 09:39
Re: WP Days
Author: dieselman

Very nice! Ive spent many days at Keddie in the 70s.The BN pool units sure spiced thigs up,nothing like SP&S centuries smoking it up in the canyon.One WP engineer commented SP&S units werw known as Yellow bellies,BN repaints were knon as Yellow bellies in disquise.The C-636s had an air starter which sounded not unlike a giant jack hamer ekoing off the canyon walls gosh those were geeat times.
Thanks for the memories!

Date: 02/26/06 13:06
Re: WP Days
Author: 3rdswitch

Hey John, a beautiful shot at a beautiful spot although harder to shot nowadays with the trees now all grown up! Hard to beat.

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