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Date: 03/30/06 23:02
40 foot boxcars
Author: choochoocharlie

Now we have all these rreeaallyy BBIIGG freight cars. Nary a short 40 foot boxcar to be seen anywhere. Here's a few of them as they were BG. (Before Graffiti) There's a couple of little hobo/RR employee/customer scribblings on a couple of the cars, but at least the cars aren't made to look ugly by being engulfed in graffiti.

1 - B&O 376022 - Baltimore and Ohio wagontop boxcar
2 - N&W 49172 - Norfolk and Western boxcar for flour loading only

Date: 03/30/06 23:09
Re: 40 foot boxcars
Author: choochoocharlie

1 - D&H 19344 - built March, 1951
2 - CB&Q 39515 - built October, 1950

Some of the build dates can be seen easily on some cars and not on others. Or at least some are harder to read than others. Obviously some of these cars have been in use 20 to 30 years or so. Pretty much extinct now. I am thankful that I took a bunch of pics of rolling stock as well as the front ends and rear ends of trains. These are more shots from my FREIGHT TRAINS: FRONT TO FRED PROGRAM. Obviously, these photos appear in between the locomotives and cabeese. Sure miss the "only weathered" appearance of the old rolling stock as opposed to the "art" (garbage) now covering most of todays cars.


Date: 03/30/06 23:49
Re:a couple more 40 foot boxcars
Author: xtra1188w

I didn't figure that you'd mind if I joined in on the fun here, Charlie?


Date: 03/30/06 23:53
Re: Re:a couple more 40 foot boxcars
Author: choochoocharlie

No problem. Love to see old rolling stock. Looks like that car has seen some hard life on the rails.......... C.C.Chas.

Date: 03/30/06 23:54
Re: Re:a couple more 40 foot boxcars + a mow car
Author: xtra1188w


Date: 03/31/06 02:22
Re: Re:a couple more 40 foot boxcars + a mow car
Author: hammer

Nice shots...xtra1188w, I love your Texas shots as somehow I travel by your spots all the time. The MOW cars....I drive every other weekend (Sundays) from Tyler to Centerville (LOVE WOODYS SMOKEHOUSE). I try to watch for trains and interesting things along the way but, after working 10 hours, I am kinda in a hurry to get back home.
xtra1188w, could you tell me where this line originates and where it is headed. I would assume College Station/Bryan area. Also, do you know, or have any idea of the activity along this line?
Any info appreciated,

Date: 04/01/06 07:43
Re: 40 foot boxcars
Author: scottp

For what it's worth, the N&W flour boxcar used to be an ART reefer.

Date: 12/09/08 07:42
Re: 40 foot boxcars
Author: RRmemories

I just happened to see this post because the photo was placed on the T.O. front page. Although these 40 foot box cars are before my time, I just love seeing them (at least their photos). I did see just one of them on a train in Altoona, PA last summer. Wish I had got a picture. Sure would like to see a Buffalo Creek 40' footer. Anyone know where a photo of one might be seen?

Aaron 20 in PA

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