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Date: 03/31/06 09:25
CSS&SB Little Joe
Author: MThopper

I got this shot of South Shore "Little Joe" 803 in July of 1977 when I had just got off work at The Bendix Corporation. Just out of view to the right, the track crosses into the street.

Date: 03/31/06 11:56
Re: CSS&SB Little Joe
Author: rresor

You were lucky to catch him in South Bend. That late, they rarely ventured to the east end of the railroad.

I worked as a track laborer at Kensington the summer of 1974, and one of the 800s (as CSS called them) was generally assigned to the Gary Switcher. He'd come up to Kensington, run onto one of the two stub tracks east of the tower (down below the IC embankment) and go to beans. I frequenty admired the 800, but never brought my camera to work. Thanks for the memories.

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