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Nostalgia & History > a Rio Grande break

Date: 04/24/06 21:55
a Rio Grande break
Author: xtra1188w

This board is getting lopsided what with all of the SP content. Here's a Rio Grande picture to sorta balance it out. Now this is just a seed picture, aren't there more vintage Rio Grande pictures out there in www land?


Date: 04/24/06 22:01
Re: a Rio Grande break
Author: drew1946

Oh you are just imagining things, no one posts SP photos on here

Date: 04/24/06 22:59
Re: a Rio Grande break
Author: BarstowRick

SP? What's a sp? Grin! L-ingOL

Nice response Drew!

Thanks for your Rio Grande contribution. Yep, it rounds things out. And yes there are others. Just got to talk to nice to those Rio Grande folks and they might share some more pictures. They wouldn't be hiding them? Nah...


Date: 04/24/06 23:09
Re: a Rio Grande break
Author: drew1946

Well I did post some D&RGW narrow gauge steam earlier---guess I better make an effort to drag out some of my standard gauge diesel stuff sometime soon.

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