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Date: 08/16/06 09:29
Backdoor Trophy
Author: MacBeau

My encounter with the Amtrak crew member from hell has been previously touched on, (http://www.trainorders.com/images2/view.php?13722) so I will forgo a reiteration of all my intermittent skirmishes with that rule-conscious, cerebral arthritic and post one the trophies I garnered despite his harassment. While moving forward in an attempt to thwart my shooting from open Dutch doors, he had left the rear door unlocked. I was alone and untouched when the titanium shutter recorded that famous Southern Pacific Landmark on the Coast Route¬óGaviota. As any small boy worth his salt will tell you, life is taken one victory at a time, a fact I contemplated with great delight as I reloaded both bodies in the safety of my bedroom and planned for Oxnard.
Be of Good Cheer,

Date: 08/16/06 15:33
Re: Backdoor Trophy
Author: NscaleMike

Great image Mac...! I have never seen that bridge from that perspective...Wow! =)

Date: 08/16/06 16:07
Re: Backdoor Trophy
Author: BulletBob

Yep, just as the original surveyor imagined it. The bridge makes total sense. Wonderful shot. Thanks for posting it. I am sure there are many other locations in that same situation with regards to the angle of the shot.

Date: 08/16/06 17:37
Re: Backdoor Trophy
Author: graybeard1942

As my son might say, Awesome, Dude! Now, if only there would have been a speeder parked there on the pad.

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