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Date: 06/09/07 07:47
"Dirty Harry" Bridge Revisited
Author: Railbaron

It's October, 1977, and things are starting to get late for the NWP. Trips to Handi Cup were, if I remember correctly, down to once a week. In between trips the bridge at Greenbrae, the "Dirty Harry Bridge" on TO, was left open unless the train had to make a trip to Handi Cup (Sausalito was long gone by now). On those days MOW crews had to go out, close the bridge, and then after the train went to Handi Cup and back they would re-open it.

These two photos show the train shoving down to Handi Cup (first photo). Since track was VERY limited at Handi Cup, the crew had to shove down there. On the trip down: 2 empties for loading. On the trip back: 1 load.

If you look closely behind the train you can see 2 MOW employees (there is a third if you blow this up enough) who are going to re-open the bridge now the the train has passed. Since the steel part of the bridge still had the second deck from the double track days they would simply wait out there on a nice day for the train to go down and back, only about a mile or so away.

Date: 06/09/07 09:07
Re: "Dirty Harry" Bridge Revisited
Author: Amtkrd4man

DB...here you got to hang around an watch the San Rafael job while was up trying to keep the log flats on the OC&E on the rails. Oh wait...they are both gone... Some greats shots there old timer....:o)

Date: 06/09/07 10:23
Not much room at the end of the line
Author: Bowknot

The first picture shows a boxcar at Handi-Kup.

Second picture: For you modelers out there, here's another boxcar on the San Rafael branch.

Those are some great NWP pictures you've been posting, Railbaron. Thank you.

Date: 06/09/07 11:18
Re: Not much room at the end of the line
Author: Railbaron

Now that's funny, "Bowknot", as I am almost positive I have a picture of that same boxcar at the same location but from the opposite side. When I get to it I'll have to compare it and post the opposite side for the modelers out there. It is amazing how railfan's paths often cross.

BTW, this photo is taken on the "team track" in San Rafael and the old San Anselmo Main used to run along side the buildings in the background.

Later: Yes indeed, I do have that same boxcar. Taken April 1978. SP/NWP boxcar in San Rafael

Date: 06/10/07 07:44
Re: Not much room at the end of the line
Author: TonyJ

Thanks again for posting the nice images. - Tony J.

Date: 06/10/07 08:32
Re: Not much room at the end of the line
Author: dmaffei

More great stuff. Love the box car photos. The DD box with the yellow door on the train. That was dedicated service for? Help my memory out so I don't have to open Tony Thompson's heavy book...

Date: 06/10/07 10:05
Re: Not much room at the end of the line
Author: WAF

Paper and lumber service

Date: 06/11/07 20:37
Re: "Dirty Harry" Bridge Revisited
Author: SW1200

Very cool pictures. I just looked through my slides and found shots of SW1500 #2539 pulling one boxcar south to Handi-Kup, then returning light engine. I was chasing the train on my 10-speed bike, so I caught him at the south portal of the tunnel, then hung around the bridge for the return trip. He must have made a drop at Handi-Kup since he was pulling the car south. The caboose was left behind in San Rafael. Date was October, 1980.


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