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Date: 06/10/07 05:54
A PC locomotive
Author: xtra1188w

This is PC as in "Penn Central", not "politically correct". Come to think of it, "Penn Central" might have been sort of synononous with "politically correct at that". It was screwed up enough to have been a government managed company at that, I guess.


Date: 06/10/07 07:24
Re: A PC locomotive
Author: wlankenau

Judging by the slightly flattened cab roof, I'd say this was an ex-New Haven unit. PC stenciled their units' home shop under the number for a while. I've seen lots of Collinwoods, Beacon Parks, Enolas and Conways, but not "New River". Guess they didn't maintain road power.

Date: 06/10/07 21:40
Re: A PC locomotive
Author: NH2006

There are a lot of non-"Politically Correct" things said about the Penn Central.....usually !^%!$$%$!!

Date: 06/11/07 06:29
Re: A PC locomotive
Author: PC7461

......Looks like George Silcott's place (switcher rehab contractor.)


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